30 December 2006

Merry Christmas

A happy and frugal Christmas to all. I didn't want to say it to early on. Anyway, I am sure it is cheaper this way.

I hope that Santa was good to everyone and you made a profit from your presents. I certainly did. There was a surprise gift of a crock pot from my mother. I was straight in to Harvey Norman the next day to get a refund. Terrific present!

24 December 2006

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a great time to pick up those last minute presents.

I have just been into work and there was no one else around. I got some great presents - a year's supply of paper, pens and folders for school and some chocolate Freddos out of the City Mission fundraiser.

Also in the fridge there was some leftover potato salad. That will come in very useful for Christmas lunch tomorrow.

Ho, ho, ho!

22 December 2006

Christmas calculations

I have not been able to post any thoughts over the last couple of days. I have been way too busy keeping track of my Christmas list and making sure everyone knows what I want. The great advantage of this (I use a fairly complicated spreadsheet) is that I know how much other people will spend on me. This means I always plan to spend less and make a profit.

The catch here is to keep an eye on the advertisements and catalogues in case something I asked for is on special. If that happens then I will ring up the person getting me that present and ask for something else as well.

It's a difficult, time consuming but ultimately rewarding approach. Makes me just love Christmas, although the giving bit always makes be a bit sad.

19 December 2006

Work Christmas Dinner

Our work Christmas Dinner was on last night. I was on the organising committee so we chose a Monday night at 5:30pm because all meals are half price at the New Norfolk Valley of Love take away.

They call it a take away but there are two plastic tables with six chairs out the front and as only five people out of 63 decided to attend, that was more than enough. The menu covers fish, hamburgers and chips (the compulsory vegetarian option). The wine list is limited so the best approach is BYO. A cask of moselle was the proprietor's recommendation.

Everyone had a great night, so they tell me. It seemed too expensive so I didn't go.

18 December 2006

Time Person of the Year: Me

Okay. I realise that the Time Person of the Year actually had "You" as the recipient, but I feel it was more personally directed at me.

And while it was more YouTube inspired than myself - as a less read and less prodigious blogger - I am always happy to take the credit. It makes me think that the seconds spent writing down my thoughts and ideas have been well spent.

The next phase may have to be a Whitey Stuff video blog on YouTube. There may be some logistical problems getting a camera that will make me look as good as in real life, but probably nothing that cannot be overcome. Max Headroom is my inspiration.

I wonder if Time will be sending out a cash prize for winning?

15 December 2006

Frugal Friday - cheap Christmas ice cream cake

Here is a frugal alternative for Christmas.


2 litres home brand vanilla ice cream (or sneak in a bucket on your next visit to the China Diner)
1 home brand Christmas pudding
1/4 cup home brand brandy (or substitute for metho if you are prepared to take a risk)


Pour brandy over pudding and allow to soak in. Crumble pudding and stir through slightly softened ice cream. Line microwave cake ring pan with plastic wrap and fill with ice cream mixture. Fold plastic wrap over top and cover with foil then put in freezer. To serve put onto serving plate and fill centre with mixed fresh berries or fruit. To save more money look for slightly less fresh berries and fruit in the bins behind the supermarket.

14 December 2006

Qantas takeover bid

It's wonderful to see lots more money from private equity and investment banks chasing after Qantas following getting Myer and missing out on Coles.

I plan to set up Whitey Inc and put out a few press releases once I work out what the company might do.

Sounds like a prime takeover to me.

13 December 2006

Anthony Callea

Is Anthony Callea the next John Farnham?

There is a lot of support out there for young Anthony, and while he has yet to complete a farewell tour, he is setting himself up to follow in the footsteps of the great man.

I am sure if Australian Idol had been on TV 50 years ago that Farnsey would have been a part of it. He always had the microphone technique, choice of songs and hair required.

I would love to hear Anthony do a cover version of You're the Voice, and would even consider buying it. I encourage all fans to write to his record company, whoever that is.

12 December 2006

Christmas CD shopping

I had a look around to see if there were any CDs I could put on my Christmas wishlist and ask one on my relatives to get them for me.

It's great to see Human Nature at number one so that went on the list. I was considering the Sunrise music CD but it only has the one Farnsey track. Anthony Callea, I already have, so I may have to branch out in music style and add Il Divo.

On the CD singles side I couldn't go past Shannon Noll and Natalie Bassingthwaite with their cover of Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush's Don't Give Up. Class will always out.

08 December 2006

Back to reality 3 - Les Lees

It is wonderful to see such a fantastic Christmas display in the windows at Les Lees.

The shop dummies look very seasonal in their $99 coloured suits. It is a style that I am considering taking to work. We public servants are always at the cutting edge of fashion, be it clothes or haircuts.

It is also good to see that Les Lees have not overspent on Christmas decorations. No Santas or reindeers for them, just nylon socks and 100% polyester ties. You just can't go past quality!

07 December 2006

Back to reality 2 - screw top wine bottles

A great way to impress friends and acquaintances - keep an empty bottle and screw top for a good quality wine, such as Koonunga Hill, and refill it using a $5 for 4 litres cask.

When you bring the wine to the table, make a sort of clicking sound with your mouth as you pretend to twist open the screw top and and everyone will think that it was a new bottle.

Simply pour and bask in the compliments of your choice of such a fine wine.


06 December 2006

Back to reality - Radar

Now that my 100th post has come and gone, it is time to get back to the important issues in life - with one of them being Tim "Radar" Franklin.
I enjoyed the Carol King concert last week. The ticket prices were outrageous so I just stood around in the Derwent Entertainment Centre foyer and listened from there.
Before the concert began The Mercury were taking photos of people attending. I tried to join in with Radar but was asked to leave. A photo with Radar must be one of the greatest treasures in life. How lucky are these two women.
What a great guy!

05 December 2006

My 100th post

This is it - post number 100!

That's 100 pearls of wisdom from me. Who would have thought, way back in June when I started, that I would have 100 frugal tips and Farnsey related music comments in me.

I think I have a few money saving tips left in me so there will be more posts to come.

04 December 2006

My favourite album

I was appalled as I sat through My Favourite Album on the ABC last night.

Who would have thought that John Farnham would not be number one? What sort of people voted for these albums? I know that I didn't, but I am sure that there are hundreds of thousands of other people like me who did actually vote.

I have looked through the top 100 on the ABC website and found only four albums that I have:

32. Anthony Callea - Anthony Callea
39. Oasis - What's the Story Morning Glory
81. John Farnham - Whispering Jack
83. Darren Hayes - The Tension and the Spark.

Hard to believe that there was only one Farnsey album among the 100. As a protest against the ABC tonight I will get out all my Farnsey farewell concert videos (all seven) and watch them instead.

01 December 2006

Frugal Friday - Crumbed pumpkin

Here's a good one to threaten the kids with.

Crumbed Pumpkin


1 kilo pumpkin, seeded, peeled, and sliced
3 tablespoons flour
1 egg
1 cup seasoned bread crumbs
Oil for frying


Boil the pumpkin in lightly salted water for 15 minutes, or until slightly tender but still very firm. Drain well. Mix the flour, salt, and pepper in a shallow bowl. Beat the egg in another shallow bowl and place the bread crumbs in a third bowl. Toss the pumpkin slices with the flour and then dip into the egg. Roll the slices in the bread crumbs and set aside until all of the slices are breaded. Heat the oil over medium high heat and fry the slices in batches until they are golden brown and crispy. Serve hot.

I hope you have enough bowls.