30 June 2006

Bus fare increases

I was disturbed to read in the paper the other day that the Metro plan to increase bus fares yet again. I have had to dig out the spreadsheet I created a few years ago work out the most cost effective way to get home.

As I just past the end of a section it was cheaper to get off the bus one stop early and walk the extra 500 metres to save 10c. With the changes you can now save 20c by walking the last two kilometres. I am sure the wife and kids won't mind this.

29 June 2006

End of financial year

A great time of the year to start my latest literary effort! I always look forward to June and all the sales in my favourite shops. Obviously I wouldn't set foot inside the ones that go out of their way to rip you off, but I can always rely on my old mates at Les Lees and the great bargains that they offer. The only advice that I would like to offer them is - is a sale really necessary? I would be there on at least a weekly basis regardless and I am sure so would most of my acquaintances. There is nothing better than receiving another Les Lees gift voucher when my birthday comes around each year. I usually spend the week beforehand window shopping and dreaming about what I will buy.

On to other matters. It was great to see highlights from Hey Hey It's Saturday back on TV last week. Darrel Sommers never goes out of date. I hope there will be more to come. Who knows, one day it might be back on the air for good.