30 August 2007

Ten years ago

Can you remember what you were doing on this day ten years ago? It was a day to remember.

Checking back on my receipts for that day I purchased a shirt and tie from Les Lees for $24.99. Fortunately these items are much cheaper now and I rarely pay more than $9.99 for both.

A tragic day.


29 August 2007

Free tickets to Elton

Thanks to my online promotion, I have been given free tickets (unfortunately at the back on the stands) to see Elton John at Aurora Stadium.

Everyone else can pay from $96 to $285 to see this great concert.



22 August 2007

More support for our farmers in the bush

It's good to see anyone looking after our farmers. The bush should not be left behind.
The Women's Weekly is helping farmers such as Bryce (pictured) find a wife.
If you can help, do what you can.


21 August 2007

Elton - I did it!

As it says in print, "Big online campaign wins over promoter".

While they did not name me directly, I am sure mine is the online campaign they are referring to.

As far as I am aware, no one else has done anything.

Now, if they will just send me from free tickets.


16 August 2007

It was 30 years ago today ...

...since Elvis left the building.

A great man. Up there with Farnsey as one of the best.

To celebrate I will be watching a tape of Blue Hawaii that the missus recorded off the TV for me a few years ago.

I have been saving it for this very special day.

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15 August 2007

More on stamps

One way to save money is to print your own. Getting the perforated edges can be a bit tricky.
One hint for making stamps more re-usable is to coat them with polyurethane so that the postmark is more easily rubbed off.
A great way to save 50 cents!

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13 August 2007


On a slightly different note this week, I would like to talk about supporting the man on the land, the citizens in the bush - our farmers.

Times have been tough in the bush lately, no one could ever have guessed that this country would ever have droughts or flooding rains, and we need to do whatever can be done to help farmers.

The starting point should be potatoes. If a restaurant has chats (i.e. small potatoes) on the menu and they cost more than ordinary potatoes, then they are the ones that should be purchased. What may only be a few dollars to us may be worth many cents to those struggling in a muddy potato paddock.

The extra money that farmers receive for chats can be spent on useful stuff, such as WD40 and new tractors.

Think of our farmers and spend your money on those small potatoes.

(As an aside, when I say "we need to do" I really mean "you need to do".)

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09 August 2007

Elton John

Do we want Elton John play in Hobart?

Vote now at this survey.

There is no mention if this is a farewell tour so we may or may not see him again.

Don't forget to comment that it needs to be a free concert.

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06 August 2007


It was a busy time on the weekend. I managed to save up 17 envelopes with 50c stamps where the postmark missed the stamp.

After a couple of hours of soaking them all in the bath I ended up with 17 stamps ready to be glued on and used again.

A triumph of recycling.