30 January 2009

One of Hobart's greatest citizens

The office and home of the great man - Tim "Radar" Franklin of Radar Promotions.

Unfortunately I didn't get to catch a glimpse of the multi-talented Radar. He was no doubt spending quality time with his labradoodle and cleaning his glasses (or vice versa).


22 January 2009

National Australia Day BBQ and Couch Exploration

Don't miss out this Monday - Australia Day ...

An Australian Day tradition (at least for me and my family) - turn up un-announced to a friend, acquaintance or relative's place and help yourself to their BBQ. While you ask them to get you another beer from their fridge, go inside, sit on the couch and search for all the loose change and goodies you can find.

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16 January 2009

Don't miss out

There are still bargains to be had at Les Lees. Don't wait to long or you could miss out on the best stuff!


07 January 2009

Advertising frugality

With the recession fast approaching, there has never been a better time to be frugal.

Obviously all the Hobart advertisers are cutting back, judging by the number of ads in the Tuesday Mercury (6 January 2009). Page after page without advertising!


Les Lees - sale now on

Just a gentle reminder that Les Lees is always after your business. It is one of the few places that I shop at - I just love going there at sale time.

I was tempted recently by an advertisement for Rivers that had suits for $38, but fortunately I was able to find the equivalent level of quality at Les Lees.