29 September 2006

AFL grand final tomorrow

There is a football game on tomorrow but before that is the pre-match entertainment.

The AFL Grand Final entertainment will include star acts from the recent Countdown Spectacular, a two-time Grammy and Academy Award winner and
contestants from Australian Idol.

The line-up will include six Australian music icons as well as international star Irene Cara while the pre-match ceremony will recognise the 2006 Australian Hall of Fame

Australian acts John Paul Young, Sean Kelly, Daryl Braithwaite, Shane Howard, Brian Mannix and Joe Camilleri will be joined by Cara and the Young Divas with Cara to perform her smash hit What a Feeling.

The 2006 Australian Idol finalists will perform Waltzing Matilda while the Young Divas will sing You're the Inspiration. The club songs will then be performed by
the Melbourne Gospel Choir while the Australian rock legends will perform both a
medley of hits and Advance Australia Fair.

Daryl Braithwaite and Brian Mannix will be the highlights for me, but it will be sensational to see the Australian Idol singers as well.

I know I will be singing along.

28 September 2006

Latest sponsor - Radar Promotions

You guessed it (well, one person did)! The mystery person beside the crazed looking monkey (on the right) is none other that Tim Franklin from Radar Promotions.

Radar joins my ever growing band of sponsors, helping me bring my message to the world.

And speaking of Help! (the song), what a great bloke Radar must be if he gets his photo taken next to John Farnham. Judging by the hair the photo must have been taken around the time of one of Farnsey's earliest farewell tours.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for Radar with his wonderful advertisements on TV. Who knows what extremely fashionable pair of glasses he will be wearing next.

26 September 2006


It's the one on the left in the photo ...

25 September 2006

One of Hobart's greatest citizens

Who am I? ...

Nominated for Tasmanian of the Year.

Winner Tasmanian Tourism Awards - Media.

Voted Tasmania's Best Small Business - Finalist in National Awards.

Aus Marketing Institute Awards - Gold Communications Award.

While at Radio 7HT as Promotions & Marketing Mgr.- best radio station promotion for Australia (great Australian Home Giveaway with Torville and Dean).

Television Logie Award - Tasmania.

Radio 7HT - Countdown Rock Awards - 1983 Brisbane, Qld, while at 4BC - 1st time-in Australia - 2 stations, 2 states.

Business mentor for Mentor Resources Tasmania.

Current Client Base nationally & locally - 423 businesses and charities.

Your answers please.

22 September 2006

Jackson Pollock

Some interesting reactions to the citizenship quiz. Looks like Ron Walker is somewhat distraught after Brocky's funeral.

Anyway ... moving from my first love of frugality to my second love of the arts can I recommend a visit to Jackson Pollock.

Just remember that I am the only one allowed to print them out and sell them at Salamanca Market.

20 September 2006

Citizenship quiz

I think the government has missed the point with the questions in its citizenship quiz. What the flag looks like, who the prime minister is and what the capital is are not things that you need to know to save money.

The need to get back to the real world and ask:
  1. how much can you claim for work expenses in your tax before you need receipts?
  2. when does the supermarket mark down the price of meat?
  3. when are the gates at the football opened so you can get in for free?
  4. what time is the newspaper delivered to your next door neighbour?
  5. what time does your next door neighbour get up?
  6. how many pens from work can you fit in one pocket?
  7. what dishes at the China Diner are best avoided?
Welcome to Australia!

19 September 2006

Electricity saving tips

Thanks to my mate Sparky for this one, who says this has saved him $35 over the past two years.

Every day before you leave for work, turn off the fridge and cover it with your doona for insulation. Works a treat!

18 September 2006

Business lunch

We have a few important public servants visiting our department today so I have been tasked to organise a business lunch.

Harris Scarfe is up to my high standards and is only $4.95 so will not exceed our departmental entertainment allowance.

I am sure they will all be impressed by my value-based decision making. I can see a promotion coming up sometime soon.

15 September 2006


I had a nasty shock yesterday when my thongs wore out. I have had them for about ten years and they were slowly wearing away so I glued lino to the bottom of them and so they lasted a bonus few years.

This time the strap bit that goes between your toes is beyond repair so I have been forced to spend money on a new pair. I was looking around and the only ones on sale were way too small or way too big. All the mid range sizes were full price - up to $3.99!!! What a disgrace.

I managed to find a pair of size 17 thongs for 99c (my limit was $1.30) and I took them home and cut a few centimetres off the heel with a stanley knife.

Now they are the perfect size. What a bargain.

14 September 2006

Wedding video

The missus had a few friends around last night and for some reason decided to put on our wedding video.

She was rather suprised to discover that instead the video contained an episode of McLeod's Daughters from a few months back.

She wasn't impressed with my excuse that I had only taped McLeod's Daughters over the Blue Hawaii movie, which I had taped six months ago. I can't be expected to check what's on each video every time, can I? It's not as if I had paid money for the wedding video. Surely that is the issue here. I just don't understand sometimes!

13 September 2006


You can never have too many half empty tins of house paint. I was fortunate to pick up a couple of extra tins on the weekend. I am sure they will eventually come in useful some time in the future, as long as I only need to paint something rather small or multi-coloured.

12 September 2006


One of my rural fans has chickenpox.

My only advice on this subject - never spend money on vaccinations.

08 September 2006

Concert review

What a night!

Richard Marx has not lost his talent over the last 20 years, but he has lost about 80% of his hair. He looks quite different to all the photos used in the advertisements. I wonder if the ACCC can prosecute him for false advertising?

Anyway, on to the concert. The first three hours were a bit quiet as they were taken up by support act Rick Price. I spent that time drinking the four cans of Tooheys Blue that I had smuggled in inside my socks. I am glad I had my flares ironed and ready to wear so there was plenty of room. I can remember trying the same approach at a Farnsey farewell concert when I was wearing lycra trousers and it wasn't as comfortable. And the security guards kept giving me funny looks.

Marxy rocked up at 10:30pm and screamed out "Devonport - are you ready to rock?". I think his manager needs to give him a more accurate briefing. Once he worked out where he was the real fun began. I was hoarse from singing as loud as I could. Great songs such as Endless Summer Nights, Hazard, Keep Coming Back, Angelia, Right Here Waiting, Don't Mean Nothing and Should've Known Better, along with some that only the true fans know about.

By 11:10pm a great night was over. I sang my self to sleep and will be singing all day at work.

Let's rock!

07 September 2006

Richard Marx concert tonight

Less that 12 hours to go before the great Richard Marx steps on stage and says, "Hobart - are you ready to rock?".

I will be jumping up and down yelling "Yes, yes we are". I have been practicing all his songs for weeks and weeks...

They say that hearts don’t stay broken
Even though the scars remain
And eyes don’t stay swollen
Even if it feels that way

But it’s not that serious / I’m a big boy now
And I’m not delirious / so don’t show me how
Cause I’ve gotten beyond the agony
And my perspective is saving me.

06 September 2006

Alien cow abduction

In order to satisfy my many rural fans at Carrick, here is the reason why their cows keep disapppearing - alien cow abduction.

Very educational.

05 September 2006

HO-FM Sponsorship

Now the real cash will be coming in.

I am delighted to announce my latest sponsor - Hobart's HO-FM.

For everyone that requests a Farnsey song and mentions my name, I will receive 20c. I can hear the rattle of the money now.

So - get on the phone - 6231 0277 - or get on the website and ask for Sadie, You're the Voice, Help or one of the many of hundreds of wonderful Farnsey songs.

Early retirement, here I come!!!

04 September 2006

Father's Day presents

Just the one Father's Day present - a ticket to the Richard Marx concert. I am pretty stoked to be able to go and see Marxy. Just the one ticket, so I won't be able to take the missus.

My only disappointment was that it was the only present. I thought with three kids I would get three presents. Souds fair to me.

Only three days to go for Marxy ! Woo hoo!

01 September 2006

Control orders

It is good to see that the government has put a control order on Jihad Jack Thomas to stop him phoning Osama Bin Laden. That should keep us all safe at night.

The next step should be to put a control order on all those charities that keep ringing me asking for money. Charity begins at home, I say.

If you want to give me a donation, you know where to send it.