27 September 2007

Les Les latest update

The main entrance for Les Les has now reopened in Liverpool St.

This is great news for all the snappy dressers of Hobart. Hopefully they can attract all the customers that used to shop at Myer. I will have to keep an eye out to see if I can notice a discernible change in the public's fashion sense.


26 September 2007

Turn up your radio

Les Lees will re-open this morning!

And to make it a great day, HO-FM are broadcasting live from Les Less through until lunch time today.

Come along and join in the fun.

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24 September 2007

Les Lees still stands!

While it is very sad that the Myer store burnt down on Saturday, their prices have always kept me away.

I dashed down to Liverpool St on Sunday morning to make sure that everything was okay. The area was blocked off from Murray St, but I did breath a huge sigh of relief when I could see that Les Lees had escaped unscathed.


21 September 2007

The Penny Pincher's Book

I was interested to read a brief review of this book in last Thursday's The Mercury. I hadn't been to the library for a while so I had a lot of newspaper reading to catch up on.

Anyway, this British book is now available and is supposed to have good tips on saving money such as keeping candles in the freezer, using a pepper shaker for olive oil and turning old rubber gloves into rubber bands.

What caught my eye was the author's quote: "Penny-pinching is not about being a skinflint but is a way of life concerned with the world around us. Controlling your money will lessen your demands on the resources of the world."

What a load of rubbish!

It is all about being a skinflint. That is the whole point.


20 September 2007


I am a day late for International Talk Like a Pirate Day, but here goes anyway.

Arrr, aarh ye scurvy dog. Walk the plank and pieces of seven.


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18 September 2007

Support for our farmers

Good to see that the Commonwealth Government has declared all of Tasmania in drought.

The farmers should be able to use their handouts to invest in the proposed water pipeline from Tasmania to Victoria. Sounds like a win - win for everyone.


17 September 2007

Mall queuing

There was a long queue in the Elizabeth St Mall on Thursday, so thinking that there must be a good freebie on offer (why else would people queue up?), I joined the line.

After 25 minutes I got to the front and had Brendan Fevola autograph a John Farnham photo - it was the only thing I had on me.

I hope it will be worth plenty in years to come.


13 September 2007

Unfrugal fashion

I am not normally one to comment on female fashion, but this time they have gone too far.

Why do women need to wear a dress with jeans as well? What is going on here?

It seems to mean that the expenditure on jeans is not justified.

End of fashion comment.

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07 September 2007

Thought for the day

From my desk calendar, "A smile costs less than electricity and gives more light."

Now, if I can only get the missus and kids to smile, I can remove a few light bulbs.


04 September 2007

Beware of fake frugality

In my never ending search of a bargain, I discovered Frugal Fashionista (http://frugal-fashionista.blogspot.com/).

I am always looking to save money without compromising by satorial standards. However in this case the site was more directed to Mrs Whitey. But the major problem was that everything costs an absolute fortune.

$10 for a handbag! What are they thinking?

Is this a joke blog or what?


03 September 2007

Spring has sprung

Time to turn down the heaters and save a few dollars.

I also get to chop off most of both sleeves of my worn out business shirts and return to the short sleeve fashion look.

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