26 November 2008

Cheap airline seats

From The Age:

Obese have the right to two seats: court
Canada's largest airline is trying to figure out which obese and disabled passengers will be eligible for additional seats at no charge after the country's Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the airlines.

The Canadian Transportation Agency issued an order last January requiring Air Canada and other domestic airlines to make additional seats free to disabled or obese passengers who need extra room.

So, can I get a fat friend to book a seat and then sell it to me and Mrs Whitey? A new avenue for half price travel.


17 November 2008

Rationing toilet paper

From The Age:

QANTAS was forced to ration water, biscuits, nappies and toilet paper - four sheets a person - to passengers who spent more than 24 hours on a flight diverted from Sydney because of a storm.

Qantas are way too generous. I am sure it would have only been three sheets on Jetstar.


04 November 2008

My Melbourne Cup tip

After a detailed scan of the form guide, and based on what I would say if anyone called Guy asked me to lend him some money, my tip for today's race is ...

Number 15 - Guyno.