06 March 2010

Yet another example of The Mercury professionalism

It has been a while but I am still around. The public service never rests just because there is an election on (but we do manage two extra coffee breaks).

Anyway, good to see Rita get a good mention in The Mercury about food blogs - why they never mention me I just don't know. But in rehashing the same story over the last couple of years it it great to see that cutting edge journalism means reporting that the Hobart Restaurant Bitch hasn't blogged since 2007. Now, that really is news.

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Blogger Rita said...

As one of my commenters commented yesterday (Fri), with the Mercury headline broadcasting that Sat's Merc would carry an article about Tassie food bloggers, it will just be another puff piece - and it was! But obviously the populace are getting mightily sick of the boys in the (political) playpen not playing nicely together, so any bit of light relief appears welcome!
And you're right about the most interesting thing about the article being that HRB hasn't blogged for a few years now. That's one blog I really do miss.

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