30 May 2008

Working harder and smarter

The was an air of panic at the office when a rumour spread that public servants were expected to work harder and "burn the midnight oil".

Fortunately it was Kevin Rudd making the comment so it only applies to Commonwealth public servants.

Had me extremely worried for a few minutes.

Time for a coffee break.


28 May 2008

Restaurant X

I received this email where people complain about the service at Restaurant X.

As long as it's cheap what are they complaining about? I don't see anywhere where they actually had to pay.

On Saturday night we decided to go for drinks down at Grape – this was all good, then we thought ‘ lets go somewhere we haven’t been to for ages, something different and maybe out of town” so we thought of the restaurant @ Restaurant X. We drove out there and I had this really funny feeling but thought I was being too sensitive! We arrived and the waiter/owner showed us to a small separate dining room ( I had only been in the large one before- so I thought this is a little weird) anyway when he opened the door there was another couple and no one else and only three small tables anyway.
It was such a confined space that I thought we needed to chat to the other couple otherwise it would be weird. We sat there waited for our menus- and felt like we had arrived at faulty towers! I asked about the heating and he said “ its not cold- you’re not cold so I will not put the fire on! I thought oh dear this is a bad sign.

Little did I know what was ahead for us?

We opened the menu and there was a clause stating everyone must switch their mobiles off. So we did. We then had our main course- with him coming in and out of the room not saying anything and slamming the door behind us- I just kept thinking how strange it was- the other couple was laughing and we were too. He then came to get our plates and I said to complement his chef as the meal was really nice he said “ why would I do that- she just gets a big head and there is no point!” then he slammed the door again.

I then wanted to make a call on my mobile – so I asked the other guests if they would mind and they were laughing and saying no that’s fine- tell your friend you’re dining at faulty towers but with a really posh couple from overseas. We all started to laugh then he came into the room, and started yelling at me that “didn’t you read my rules- you cant use your phone in here!. So I said fine I’m going outside and he said “too right you are!. I thought at this stage thank god I’m tipsy because it’s not annoying me as much as usual.

I went outside then moments later Stuart came out with all our stuff. I said “what’s going on? And he said we have just been thrown out because you used your phone. I couldn’t believe it. Then Stuart had his back to the door he came out, grabbed Stuart against the door and pushed him on the ground. Stuart hit his head and didn’t move for a moment and he had his knee on his chest, preventing him from getting up. I started yelling at him “what are you doing, have you gone mad? Then he said “you were leaving without paying- you weren’t going to pay! I said you threw us out- what did you think we were going to do?

He then yelled at me to get inside and pay. I kept asking him “do you know what you have just done, do you understand? We will be phoning the police you know and he said phone whoever the f***k you want. We then rang the police, who went to talk to him and he was really aggressive and told the police officer you have 2 minutes in my kitchen and then get out!

We spent the rest of the night at the station making statements, forensic photographed Stuart. He is being arrested today and we will be going to court in a few weeks time! I still cant believe what happened. Since then I have emailed the Tourism Industry council, and made a bad restaurant review in the Australian food & wine guide. I really think he is insane and hope to tell everyone I know!

27 May 2008

Discount calimari

Looks pretty tasty! I am sure the kids will love it.

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22 May 2008

Public service work bans

It has been tough going this week with the work bans in place - no unpaid overtime and no answering the phone after 5pm.

As I no longer come in on the weekend to replenish my home stationery supplies that had already cut out my only overtime claims.

No one rings after 5pm anyway as the place is always empty by 4:30pm. Just pay me more money!


09 May 2008

Visiting US Warship

Interesting to see a change in the way The Mercury reports the visit:
THE visit of US warship USS Tarawa will pump more than $6 million into the local economy, the US Government says.
The 250m amphibious assault ship will bring 3000 sailors and marines to Hobart
tomorrow morning.

From what I can remember, previous ships always "injected" money into the local economy, now they are merely "pumping" it.