30 July 2007

Another Radar fan

One man who has always looked up to the talented Tim "Radar" Franklin is Peter West, the promotions manager at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

I have long admired from afar Peter's career, from his great work with the Tasmanian Football League (years ago I remember saying he was the best man for the job) to his current role at the museum.

And now it turns out Peter has a new caravan: "We had a 1976 Franklin caravan, which we nicknamed Tim, so we have named the new one Tim II."

Peter reveals all in the latest Where the heart is column in The Mercury, complete with details and photos of his shed, snow domes, caravan and house ghost. I can sense a well deserved Pulitzer Prize for this expose.


23 July 2007

Protecting Farnsey

Good to see that Glen Wheatley is looking after Farnsey's reputation and keeping him out the media spotlight.

I am sure Farnsey always pays his taxes.


20 July 2007

Glen Wheatley

Two and a half years for tax evasion! What a disgrace. He should have got life for bringing the great man's name in disrepute.

Luckily for Wheatley he had references from Bert Newton (though not Bert's son) and Peter Cosgrove.

Didn't see Farnsey's name mentioned.


17 July 2007

Farnsey shrine

Just got back from a one week seminar in Melbourne on "improving efficiency in the public service". 200 people from our department spent Thursday to Monday hard at it, from 9:30am to 4:30pm except for the weekend and the 3:00pm finish on Friday.

The coffee was more extravagant that I was used to - they splashed out on the Black and Gold home brand rather that standard Caterer's Blend.

Other that that, we heard some great talks on how to efficiently empty the stationery cupboard, how to study part time while working and how to maximise expense claims.

The highlight for me was the pilgrimage to the Farnsey statue at Docklands. There is an empty space where the Graham Kennedy statue used to be, but fortunately, the thieves decided to leave the great man behind.

Someone had defaced Farnsey by putting old chewing gum in his mouth. I carefully removed it all, stood back and admired "The Voice" for a few hours and then returned to the seminar.

Just in time for afternoon tea.


10 July 2007

All you can eat breakfast

From The Age odd spot:
A guest stunned hotel staff in Tonbridge, Kent, by scoffing 15 fried breakfasts and six bowls of cereal in a three-hour sitting. Getting value for his £7.50 ($A18) all-you-can-eat deal, Barry Bradley, 47, ate 30 sausages, 20 rashers of bacon, 15 fried eggs and three tins of beans.
Sounds reasonable to me.

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09 July 2007

Woolworths New Town

I have been reliably informed that someone is practicing "extreme frugality" at Woolworths New Town supermarket.

Their approach is to remove mince from the plastic wrapping and fill their pockets with it, rather than just take it to the checkout and pay for it.

Unusual, but effective.

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06 July 2007

Free dinner

Too late!!!
I missed out on this one. A free dinner and theatre - sounds too good to be true.
Did anyone ring up and take up the offer?

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04 July 2007

Coles donuts

This comes from the 3AW website, mentioned in today's Financial Review.

Click on the image to view it at full size. You can then see the detail of Coles catalogue from a few weeks ago and the "visitor" sitting on the donut icing in the highlighted square.

Don't forget to ask for a discount if you don't get donuts as pictured.

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03 July 2007

Happy new financial year

Spend your tax cuts wisely!

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