08 July 2009

Australia's first CD

The things you learn from TV!

I try to avoid having the TV on the commercial channels in case the wife sees something that she wants to spend money on, but last night I was watching Talking About Your Generation and one of the questions was what was the first CD made in Australia. It's was the great Farnsey's Whispering Jack in 1986. How about that?

And I can't believe that Farnsey didn't make a farewell appearance at Michael Jackson's big bash.


07 July 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial Service

I know I will be up at 3am tomorrow to watch the Michael Jackson Memorial Service.

I may have to sleep in and miss the morning from work, but I am sure they won't mind.

It has been reported that 17,500 people will be attending the service. I am sure that John Farnham would get a bigger crowd than that. I hope I am around to attend.