29 June 2009

Celebrating three years of The Whitey Stuff with Radar

That's right - it has now been three years since the first post on The Whitey Stuff.

And what better way to keep everything fresh and up to date with some details from the rsvp.com.au website on Radar. Thanks for the heads up from one of my many admirers.

Radar is 44 years old and has a social personality - so ladies, time to log on and make a friend.

For many years now I am proud to say I have been the owner of a very successful business but realise that out there is a life to be had and a life to be shared. I understand now that I need to have a life outside of work as silly as it may sound. I know that I am a fun-loving person with a great cross-section of friends around the country. I have been blessed with my job which has taken me all over Australia in the past 20 years. My friends tell me I have a somewhat of a dry sense of humour but also a great personality. On occasions I love doing things on the spur of the moment whether it be jumping in the car and going for a long drive and staying somewhere overnight, or a planned holiday within Australia or overseas. I understand a lot of people say this, but I say it with conviction, and having worked in the music industry most of my life music has been a passion for many, many years. From Sade through to the big hits of the 70s and 80s. At times I believe there is nothing better than sitting down with the right lady and watching a great movie, like a top comedy or great drama. Most importantly life is no where near the same if you cant share your thoughts and feelings with that one person you care most about in your life. But like any relationship in its infancy I believe it must start with a friendship and grow. I am more than happy to travel anywhere in Australia to meet that someone special and this is something that doesn't have to happen yesterday or next week. I have learned that time talking and getting to know a person slowly and properly is the only way go. I have put a lot of thought into being a part of RSVP over the last 12 months and have friends in Melbourne and Brisbane who either have rock-solid relationships or have made great lady friends via RSVP.


15 June 2009

By Demand

Don't miss out. Tickets are on sale as of today.

And don't forget is is all by demand - http://www.farnhambydemand.com/.

Farnsey is only back because we all demanded it!