26 March 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

How good is this - the State Cinema is screening An Inconvenient Truth for free tonight and tomoorrow night at 6:15pm.

For free!

It was on Sunday as well must I missed out. The family and I will be there at both sessions. What a great way to save on electricity at home.

And it's free!


22 March 2007

Flower sellers at restaurants

Are there still flower sellers at restaurants?

I have never seen one at Fitzies Cafe or China Diner (maybe they were threatened with a knife), but I am thinking of taking the wife out for a special Valentines Day lunch - never do it on the actual day, the restaurants always charge extra.

So am I safe going to lunch without shelling out an extra $1 for flowers?

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20 March 2007

Cruise ship

Another busy extended lunch break for me today standing outside the Tourism Tasmania office at the corner of Davey and Elizabeth St.

There is nothing better and more personally rewarding than assisting elderly Americans find their way around.

Excellent tippers!

13 March 2007

More Denis Walter

You can always learn something from a blog.
Firstly, I got his name wrong - it is Denis with an economical use of 'n', so not Dennis. Googling for details and a photo show that lots of others get it wrong as well.
For anyone too young to remember Denis, I can only remind you of his greatness by the fact that he has been photographed with our Livvie. Post Brian Burke, you are only judged by the company you keep.


11 March 2007

Dennis Walter

I was delighted to see an advertisement in today's Sunday Tasmanian for Dennis Walter performing at Wrest Point Casino.

Unfortunately the concert was for 4 March 2007, the previous Sunday. It must have been so good that they wanted to let everyone know that they had missed out on.


02 March 2007

Lava lamps

I may have to withdraw my support for the new fluorescent light globes.

I was shocked to learn that lava lamps use incandescent light globes and will not work with fluorescent ones.

Given my vast collection of lava lamps (everyone is allowed to have one weakness), how will I be able to replace the globes?

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