27 August 2008

The end of public service bans

We are all back and working flat out again.

It is quite a relief that I can stop reading The Advocate and I know all I need to know about school musicals in Burnie and pensioners in Ulverstone.

Finally the tea and coffee cannisters have been refilled so I can clean them out every Friday afternoon. We can answer the phones after 3pm. We can move important documents from out desk to the out tray. The wheels of government will turn again.

I wonder who will call in sick tomorrow?


20 August 2008

Lawnmower cleaning

Save money on cleaning your lawnmower.

Don't do it like this.


18 August 2008

Public service bans coming to an end

We have run out of things not to do.

It is getting hard to make it through the day. I have even taken to reading The Advocate (someone else's copy, of course).