25 December 2010

Happy Christmas yet again!

A happy and frugal Christmas to all. My best advice this Christmas is to save power by cooking individual fish fingers using a hair straightener - and I just happen to have an unused one right here!

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27 August 2010

I admire the style of Tim Franklin

The youth of today are right on the money - "he's hot and has good glasses".

Radar is a man for all times.


21 June 2010

Frugal hotel security

From The Mercury today:

HOBART pub and business owners are using dummy security cameras in a bid to save on security costs.

The frugal practice is thwarting police investigations and leaving attack victims feeling deceived.

Looks like frugality is catching on, just not always in a good way.


15 June 2010

Money saving tip for June

Save money on your electric clocks - only put the batteries in when you need to know the time.


06 June 2010

Free food

From The Mercury yesterday.

Now, I just can't see how this qualifies as news. It is not as if it is a new occurrence. Given that most weddings are on the weekend that always leaves Monday to Friday when you need to find at least a free afternoon tea. And you get leave from work to attend.

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14 May 2010

Human Nature extend Vegas run

Oh no! Will they ever return?

AUSSIE band Human Nature will spend another two years in Las Vegas after signing a deal to extend its show's run.

The show, Smokey Robinson Presents Australia's Human Nature - The Ultimate Celebration of the Motown Sound, has been playing at the Imperial Palace since mid-2009.

Its run has now been extended to May 2012.

Human Nature - made up of Toby Allen, Phil Burton, and brothers Andrew and Michael Tierney - performs at the Imperial Palace six nights a week.

"The guys in Human Nature not only have incredible voices but also deliver a dynamic show every time they are on stage," says Imperial Palace president Rick Mazer.

"Their talent is undeniable and their passion for the music and sound is contagious."

The group has also begun recording a new Las Vegas-inspired studio album set for release in Australia through Sony Music later this year.


12 May 2010

Another birthday

Another year older.

Thanks to compound interest, another year of frugal savings.

I think Mrs Whitey has forgot to give me a present. I thought that she was happy with the four reams of photocopy paper and box of staples I gave her on her birthday. Maybe not.