18 April 2007

Stop Press! Radar!

For anyone with a copy of today's Mercury, there is a wonderful homage to Tim "Radar" Franklin.

A great man. I often feel sad that I chose a life as a public servant instead of getting bitten by a shark and then working at 7HT.



Blogger euroblather said...

Tim Franklin, how I loved thy dulcet tones as an 8 year old listening to my grandfather's AWA valve radio, firmly set on 7HT. Well, until "the big switch" to 7HO, that is. That was the day they played the theme from "High Noon" for twelve hours straight. What were they thinking? Hobart radio, so left of centre.

Tim forgot to mention his days as Les Lees' chief footpath spruiker. In terms of Hobart celebrity, is that not second only to the late great Vic Garth?

I agree Whitey, thanks to that South Australian shark, Hobart has been indeed blessed with an irrepresible personality. With lots of watches and things.

7:59 pm  

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